Become one of the first certified plant medicine practitioners in the world.

With Hamilton Souther and Blue Morpho Academy.

It all starts with one 12-week Sitter Coach Certification Program.

“The overall experience at Blue Morpho was the safest & supportive environment to work with sacred plant medicine that I could have ever imagined!” - DEVI A.


Are you hearing the call?

You know that you’re here to do something extraordinary.

You know that there’s more to life than what you’re currently living – you just don’t know how to access it.

A part of you knows, you’re a healer. You may question that, and deep down, you already know.

You might wonder if you can really make a living as a healer. You might wonder if you’ll be persecuted, laughed at, or ridiculed if you fully embrace this path.

I’m here today as living proof that this path is possible for you. And that the world needs people just like you stepping up to become the healer you came here to be, right now.

This is exactly why I created

Blue Morpho Academy.

A Peek Into My Journey

I, too, felt like there had to be more to life.

 I went through my own spiritual awakening, and at 23 I went to the Amazon jungle to find my plant medicine apprenticeship.

I was taken in and accepted by legendary plant medicine master, Julio Llerena Pindeo. I studied under him and was given the title Maestro in 2004.

Since then, I’ve held over 1500 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 3000 total plant medicine ceremonies, and I’ve been in this field for over 20 years.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with over 10,000 people from over 100 countries. I’ve created a global community and I’ve founded Blue Morpho Academy.

Now I’m a company founder, author, speaker, podcaster, influencer with a global following, technologist, and even an inventor all thanks to plant medicines.

You Don’t Have To Go To

The Amazon

Your journey doesn’t have to look anything like mine. If you feel called to these plants for whatever reason, I’m here to help you get certified to work with them in a credible way.

Instead of traveling halfway across the globe into the jungle to find your master, with Blue Morpho Academy you can learn from the comfort of your home on your own time while you build this new career of passion and service.

Who’s This For?

This is for anyone drawn to work with these plants for whatever reason.

Maybe you’ve just heard about plant medicines and you’d like to become more informed.

Maybe you’ve had your own experience with the plants and you want to share that with others.

Maybe you’re a medical professional and you feel like you need more education around the field of psychedelics.

If you’re here reading this page right now, there’s a good chance that this opportunity has been calling you.


What Practitioners Just Like You Are Saying About Blue Morpho Academy


The Blue Morpho Academy Certification Journey



Sitter Coach Certification

Learn how to hold a safe and supportive container for your clients and friends



Coach Certification

Master the integration process and share that expertise with your clients.



Facilitator Certification

Provide the medicine for those ready for this type of transformational experience.



Master Facilitator (Master Shaman)

Hold advanced spaces for healing, growth, and evolution.

It All Starts With Your Sitter Coach Certification

Included In Your Sitter Coach Certification Program:
Lifetime Access to the Signature 8-Week Foundations Course & Private Members Portal

You’ll be able to login anytime from anywhere to take in the content I’ve prepared for you. Access your course and supplementary information from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Exclusive Access to the Private Telegram Community

Go even deeper with your new community inside our exclusive Telegram group. This is a great place to ask for additional support and to exchange information with your peers as you integrate all that this training has in store for you.

Sitter Coach Certification

At the end of our time together, you’ll receive your official Blue Morpho Academy Sitter Coach Certificate. Be among the first in the world to receive this type of training and use your new knowledge and gifts to support others along their healing journeys.

Sitter Coach Certification Is Perfect For The Healer Who Wants To:

Build Authority

Learn the core foundational information about plant medicines so that you can confidently show up as a leader in this area. You will also receive a legitimate certification you can be proud of.

Achieve Powerful Results With Their Clients

Plant medicines are a gateway and accelerator for deep and lasting transformation. Miraculous healing, extreme epiphanies, and quantum leaps in life are possible through this work. Be among the pioneers of consciousness who are adding plant medicines to their toolkit.

Increase Their Business

Plant medicines are a gateway and accelerator for deep and lasting transformation. Miraculous healing, extreme epiphanies, and quantum leaps in life are possible through this work. Be among the pioneers of consciousness who are adding plant medicines to their toolkit.

Become an Integration Specialist

The work doesn’t end at the ceremony. IT BEGINS. Learn how to help you and your clients integrate meaningful transformation. Implement whatever came through during ceremony into your everyday life.

Build Their Own Spiritual Foundation

Transform yourself and your clients will effortlessly transform in your presence. The principles and practices inside the Blue Morpho Academy are bound to help you reach your maximum potential and success as a soul in this lifetime.


It’s Time To Bring Standardization, Credibility, And Safety Into This Otherwise Unregulated Space

Blue Morpho Academy was created in order to raise the standards of plant medicine facilitation and integration.
I’ve put in my time in the jungle and practiced in this field for over 20 years guided by science and spirituality together.
I founded this program and academy based on accuracy, facts, and safe practices.


The Top 5 Mistakes I See Plant Medicine Coaches Make


Step Onto The Path

Your moment is here, My Friend. You’ve heard the call. The plants are beckoning you out onto the most expansive path you could ever imagine.
My life has never been the same since I got the call to the jungle at 23 years young. Let me show you the way to work with these plants yourself, and to responsibly support others along their own healing journeys as well.
Whether you’re totally new to this arena, you’re already a practicing medical professional looking to expand your toolkit, or you’ve been guided here by sheer synchronicity, this is the moment your entire life and career can change.
It all begins with the click of only one button.